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10 Lines That Can Touch Your Heart


10 Lines That Can Touch Your Heart

1. Someone meets you in the light, look for someone who will support you even in the dark.

2. Either write your own destiny by working hard or the situation will write your own destiny.

3. When someone tries to bring you down, assume that you are above them.

4. If the people inside you believe in you, the people outside will not stop you from succeeding.

5. Sweet honey bees can also bite, so be careful, even very sweet-speaking people can harm you.

6. There are two types of people who fail in life, one who thinks but does not do and the other who does not think before doing.

7. Keep your grief to yourself because there are people in the world who ask your grief in tears and tell the world with laughter.

8. Those who have a dream of dreaming find the night short and those who have a dream of fulfilling the dream find the day short.

9. Don’t underestimate those who don’t respond even when others talk nonsense about you because they are sensible people who don’t want to throw stones at the mud, so their minds and clothes are always clean.

10. In the race of life, it is not necessary that you should be ahead and you should be behind everyone, it is necessary to join your race and run, fight and get up again because this is the way of life which is the last today and the first tomorrow.

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